Religious Freedom Being Further Stripped in America – Christian Mingle Forced to Allow Gays

Christian Mingle Forced to Allow Gay Searches

A rule created to prevent Government oppression of Religion is now being used to do exactly the opposite. Oppress Religious freedoms.

Another Judge just ruled that you have no right to practice religion freely.

christian mingle and your rights lost today
Equality only means gay rights in California.

In the past, the general rule in America was “if you aren’t hurting anyone else, go for it.” Now the trend is “F you and your rights, we are going to oppress you”.

When a company creates a website, it is their business. It is up to them how to build it. If they believe in a religion, and the site was built with the intention to be used in a way that is geared towards that religion, it is their choice.

In other words: Christian Mingle was a site geared towards CHRISTIAN DATING, not just dating. Meaning it is a service for Christians. Seeing as it is against Christian beliefs to be homosexual, it is not a special act of discrimination to assume users are straight if they are on

Maybe this idiot (I mean judge) was just too stupid to understand that. Maybe he didn’t care. Either way, religious freedom loses. Your rights lost.


“Liberals” have become oppressive communists who deeply hate anyone that disagrees with them. They feel that it is okay to take your freedom away so they won’t be offended.

Thankfully that time is almost over. Most gay people aren’t even democrats anymore. They have realized that they were being used to oppress others under the guise of “equality”.

The Blaze reports:

The popular online Christian dating website,, must now allow gay and lesbian users to search for same-sex matches following a discrimination lawsuit filed by two gay men, the Wall Street Journal reported.

The California judge who approved a settlement of discrimination claims has also ordered Spark Networks Inc., which owns Christian Mingle along with several other dating websites, to pay the two plaintiffs $468,000.

The settlement also applies to, and It does not, however, apply to the Spark-owned online Jewish matchmaking service,, which was not included in the suit.

Source: Several Faith-Based Dating Sites Now Required to Allow Users to Search for Same-Sex Matches |

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