CIA Jet Crashes, Found With 4 TONS of Cocaine

4 TONS of Cocaine found on CIA jet… Proving the war on drugs is just a way for the US government to monopolize the drug market.

This is not brand new news, but it is probably something most people did not hear about when it happened.

According to Awarenessact, “8 years ago, Gulfstream II, later called “Cocaine 2″, crashed in the middle of the jungle in Mexico’s Yucatan carrying 4 tons of cocaine. This event and its aftermath changed forever an official narrative of the war on drugs which has for years been pushing the notion that there is no significant American involvement in the global drug trade, and no American Drug Lords.”

The jet’s fuselage broke apart on impact, spilling cocaine for a length of hundreds of meters.

“The Gulf Stream II jet, aircraft #N987SA, was allegedly used to transport CIA Rendition prisoners from Europe to America to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba crash-landed Sept 24, 2007, in Mexico carrying over 4 tons of cocaine. It is suspected to Gulf-stream jet ran out of fuel as it traveled from Columbia to the United States.”

Full Story: CIA Jet Crashes With 4 TONS of Cocaine on Board – Counter Current News

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