Citizens Arrest Shooter

American flag flying in the wind
American flag flying in the wind

Louisiana State Trooper stops to help a man and gets shot. Citizens subdue and arrest the shooter until Law Enforcement arrives.

Sunday, August 23, Louisiana State Trooper Steven Vincent stopped to help a man whose truck was stuck in a ditch. The driver of the truck, Kevin Daigle, got out with a shotgun and told the State Trooper “You’re going to die soon” before opening fire. According to Col. Michael Edmonson, the police force’s superintendent, “You could hear him breathing, telling him, ‘You’re lucky. You’re lucky. You’re going to die soon.’ That’s the words that came out of his mouth”.

Kevin Daigle, 54, then opened fire with his shotgun; leaving Trooper Vincent in critical condition with neurological damage. Daigle tried to flee the scene, but motorists who witnessed his crime managed to take his shotgun from him and use the downed Trooper’s handcuffs to detain him until law enforcement arrived.
Shooter Kevin Daigle has been charged with first-degree murder of a police officer and various lesser charges. Col. Edmonson’s statement did not indicate if any of these charges have changed as of now. Because Mr. Daigle is charged with first-degree murder of a police officer, if convicted, he is looking at the likely possibility of death by lethal injection.

It is a great thing that there were good people on scene who were brave enough to subdue Mr. Daigle. Just goes to show that law enforcement isn’t alone when it comes to keeping people safe. We thank you for your service if you are a member of Law Enforcement. However, it’s important for everyone to know that “We, The People” can take care of ourselves when we have to.

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“Steven was an honorable husband, father and State Trooper who courageously served our state for over a decade,” the governor said in a statement. “Brave men and women like Steven put their lives in danger every day to protect our families, and we are extremely grateful to them for keeping us safe.”

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