City of Cleveland Works With BLM Leaders to Start Martial Law

City of Cleveland restricts 1st Amendment and forces 2 opposing crowds to share rally

BLM Leaders Were Exposed by Hacked Emails! They ‘re Planning RIOTS at the GOP CONVENTION with the DoJ to Cause Martial Law! Now This? Coincidence?

Why would the Government want to instill Martial Law? Donald J. Trump.

Infowars reports:

The City of Cleveland is attempting to suppress pro-Trump rallies during the Republican National Committee, a move even the liberal ACLU calls unconstitutional.

Democratic city officials are giving pro-Trump groups only 24 hours to complete applications for ‘Free Speech permits’ which severely restrict the First Amendment rights of applicants.

“There is only 18 hours of permit time under these regulations, parade time, over the three or four days of the convention,” ACLU General Counsel Susan Becker said.  “We just found out about that recently.”

“So we are hoping we can really negotiate these points but it is really up to the city to come back with more reasonable time, place and manner of regulations that we can live with.”

Insiders have described both the City of Cleveland and Cuyahoga Co. as Democratic machines in Hillary Clinton’s pocket, and if they’re able to suppress Trump supporters, anti-Trump protestors will dominate the city – and international media coverage.

Cleveland and DoJ Working With BLM to Cause Martial Law

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