Clinton: Millions In Bribes, Transitioned Nuclear Resources To Russian Power


The state of affairs in United States politics continues to avalanche into an ever growing ball of slime. Today, Tim Kaine defended Hillary Clinton’s stance on foreign policy touting her involvement in trade affiliations with Russian chemical stockpiles. Mike Pence neglected to respond with any fact checking on this matter. The untold story behind this overlooked topic of tonight’s debate is long shadowed murky Uranium 1 acquisition by Rosatom, a Russian state-sponsored uranium enrichment investment company.

Brought to light by none other than the New York Times.

Remember the New York Times recently endorsed Hillary Clinton. They really should have removed this article from 2015 before doing so.

Uranium 1 was a Canadian owned uranium company. Uranium 1 also controlled the largest stake in uranium enrichment in the Western Hemisphere. Uranium 1 is now controlled by Vladymire Putin.

“The ultimate authority to approve or reject the Russian acquisition rested with the cabinet officials on the foreign investment committee, including Mrs. Clinton — whose husband was collecting millions in donations from people associated with Uranium One.”

At 14 Minutes 17 Seconds Tim Kaine Defends Clinton

Kaine states that Hillary worked out a deal with Russia to reduce their chemical stockpiles. Truth is Clinton worked out a deal that doubled the size of Russia’s uranium stockpiles. Interesting that Mike Pence keeps his mouth shut on this issue. This is especially troubling when the information was made public through the New York Times who recently endorsed Clinton. This was the perfect opportunity for Mike Pence to capitalize on Tim Kaine’s lie and also discredit the moral integrity of the New York Times. There seems to be a gag order on truth here. Dog and pony show my friends.

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