Clinton: “That N**GER!” – “Accept It!”

Clinton Called White House Chef “That N**GER!” Angry About Food

Source told during interview, we had to “accept it” –

“Clinton’s Former Employee: She Frequently Said N*gger”

Tracy Martin, a chef who has cooked for many leaders throughout the world is speaking out against Clinton.  The chef says that he heard Hillary Clinton say the word on numerous occasions while he was working for her as the White House’s traveling chef.

One particular event struck the world-renowned chef as strikingly vile. During an event that included the former French President Jacque Chirac’s wife, Hillary was overseeing some of the details behind the scenes when a black man presented her with some sort of arrangement that she was displeased with. When the man left, Clinton decided she would verbally express her discontent: “That n*gger!”


After The Interview Clinton’s Attacked

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