Clinton Threatened Obama “If I Go Down, You Go Down!”

Hundreds of Thousands of Tax Payer Financed Man Hours Invested In Clinton’s FBI Case

Bryan Pagliano is a former IT specialist for the State Department who has been granted immunity from prosecution for his role in Hillary’s email scandal.

You only get immunity when you offer evidence of a crime.

There are at least 22 Top Secret emails unreleased to the public and another 18 Secret emails between Clinton and Obama

This fact implicates President Obama in the same crimes as Clinton because responding to an ‘unsecure’ address is an obvious violation of the electronic communication laws.

Obama is complicit.

It is clear Clinton threatened Obama

Clinton recently announced,

“Everybody in the department knew that I was emailing from a personal address. Hundreds of people knew it and people around the government knew it.”

Clinton is using the fact that Obama knew about and communicated with her on her private email as a shield.

This is a huge motivator to prevent indictment from Obama’s DOJ

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Christopher Kemmett

Founder of The Real Strategy and Lowest Priced Advertisements.