Colorado School Officials Purchase 10 Semi-Automatic Rifles

While most schools are “gun free zones”, a Colorado School just set a precedent for the exact opposite. In Douglas County a school will now have 10 semi-automatic Busmaster rifles protecting the school. This move was made in response to the rise in violence at schools. Administrators are set on protecting themselves and their students. We hope to see many more schools taking the same types of precautions.


Reported from the Denver Post and The Atlantic:

Security officers at schools in Colorado’s Douglas County School District will soon be armed with semi-automatic Bushmaster rifles.

The school district’s director of security, Richard Payne, spent more than $12,000 on the 10 semi-automatic rifles, a popular design of which comes with a 16-inch barrel that fires 30 rounds. Payne said he saw a need for the rifles because while his school-security officers trained “hand-to-hand” with sheriff’s deputies, he noticed his officers only carried handguns, while the sheriff’s office “used the larger weapons,” The Denver Post wrote.

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Georgia is days (May 3) away from passing a law that will allow concealed carry on campus.

ATLANTA – May 3 marks the deadline for Gov. Nathan Deal (R) to sign or veto a bill that would allow guns on college campuses.

HB 859 was arguably, after the religious freedom bill, the most contentious one in 2016’s legislative session. The bill, more widely known as the campus carry bill, passed the Senate and House with strong majorities. Now, only one signature remains.

This bill would legalize concealed-carry weapons on Georgia colleges, and it’s got many people keeping a watchful eye on it split.

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Tennessee governor will also be facing the same legislation this week.

A bill to allow full-time employees, including professors, at Tennessee public colleges and universities to carry weapons on campus is headed to Gov. Bill Haslam.

The House of Representatives on Wednesday approved the campus carry gun bill with a 69-24 vote.

The Senate approved the measure on last Tuesday.

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