Communist Disinformation Specialists Confronted – Get a Job – “F*** That”

Communist Disinfo Operatives Spreading Lies at Convention

Communists. They either work for the government or they’re idiots. 

Some epic quotes from these morons:

“Communism is the only solution for the world.” – Stupid Communist 1

“That’s not capital that’s money”… – Stupid Communist 2

Someone needs a Dictionary for Christmas.

Fuck Communists This is America
American flag flying in the wind. If you’re a commie, go live in Vietnam or North Korea.
This is the USA, not China

Capitalists pay workers for their efforts. Communists want the Government to control everything. Communists have a historical record of murdering millions of people that don’t agree with them every time they take control of a government. No thanks.

And btw, that guy with the red flag looks like a mercenary. What’s that about?

Source: Commies Who Attacked Alex Jones Confronted » Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!

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