CONCRETE PROOF of BeforeItsNews Censorship!

Recently, we at TRS posted an article on BIN and it went viral overnight. To this moment, it is still getting a minimum of 20 constant viewers and yet it is not on the Home Page where it should be. Here is proof of my claims:


BeforeItsNews Censorship

Notice in this screenshot we have 20 viewers in the article at that moment
BIN Censorship

In this next image (below) you can clearly see the timestamped Home Page of BeforeItsNews and our article is not where it should be. This is ridiculous and sickening. Of all places I did not expect to see censorship, this is probably the main one.

BIN censorship

I would suggest that BIN’s staff correct this issue and stop controlling what people think is popular on this site. If it is a glitch, I suggest FIXING it now. However, that would be one hell of a glitch.


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