Cops Killed a Man in a Wheelchair!

Delaware Cops Killed a Man in a Wheelchair

Listen to the 911 Call

On September 23, Jeremy McDole was shot and killed by Wilmington, Delaware cops. At least “three” cops are seen moving behind the building where the shots came from. The entire incident was caught on video by a concerned citizen. You can watch for yourself and determine if the cops were in life threatening danger.

McDole’s family is outraged.

The police were called to the scene after Jeremy McDole apparently shot himself with a handgun. The police assumed and acted as if McDole had the handgun on him still. Although, no handgun is seen on McDole or in his hands at any point in the video, including when he fell out of his wheelchair dead after being shot.

These cops just killed a man in a wheelchair! Police arrived on scene and shot McDole with a shotgun before they even told him to raise his hands. Then, while he was still holding in his guts, the cops demanded that he raise his hands. Not surprisingly, he was more concerned with trying to stem the bleeding and was unloaded upon for putting his hands on his belly wound. The Mayor of Wilmington released a statement saying “we want answers as much as you do”, speaking to the deeply concerned crowd. Police officers are supposed to protect people. McDole was living in a nursing home and bound to a wheelchair. Obviously not in the best condition of his life. These cops came to the scene and ended his life. After the shooting, Police reports don’t even say if police ever recovered a weapon from McDole. My guess is no.

Man in Wheelchair with GunIt is tough to take in. I suggest every person in a wheelchair straps up to defend themselves. Like the guy in this picture who is a hunter.  The device lets the 71-year-old shoot by inhaling and exhaling into a mouthpiece. It is sad but the people who need help the most just don’t seem to get any.  Thank God for technology like this.  I don’t know if Medicaid will pay for it though.
Jeremy McDole in Wheelchair Killed by Cops



A cop was caught on video beating the shit out of another man in a wheelchair.



A cop was caught on video pushing a man in a wheelchair off of a curb into the street.

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