Cornell University Agrees to Start ISIS support group!

Corruption Tyranny Rising

Gone Mad: Cornell Assistant Dean agrees to start ISIS training camp funded by the university

The interview taken by an investigative journalist team Project Veritas, tells all how corrupt and far gone American political correctness is. The wave of Islamic religious support and sponsors around the world has risen beyond what is conceivable by the average person.

Below is a video of the interview between the undercover journalist and Joseph Scaffido, the assistant dean of students at Cornell University. This is one of the most prestigious schools in America, an ivy league school with massive amounts of influence in the country.

The dean, Scaffido, agrees to help start an ISIS support group, paid for by student and taxpayer funded programs. He even agrees to sending care packages to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, saying “lot’s of students do things like that”…

Then, Scaffido agrees to let a “freedom fighter”, a member of ISIS, come to the campus for a speaking event to teach people why ISIS is destroying the world…and start a TRAINING CAMP.

Watch the madness with your own eyes. Assistant Dean Joseph Scaffido is so weak and blinded by political correctness he agrees to help spread, fund and support ISIS.

Recently, a teacher in California forced her students to sing a terrorist jihad song. Her motive was to provide a ‘fun’ way to introduce Islamic traditions to her students…Read about it in the article Teacher Forces Students to Sing Terrorist Jihad Song. This is as serious as it gets. Our children and the future of mankind depends on the world waking up to this garbage.

Tyranny Rising.

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