Cruz Flew to Dallas With Obama on Air Force One Days Before RNC

Perhaps this explains why Cruz seems to be a Democratic Party Operative

Maybe Hillary will announce Cruz for her VP soon

Ted Cruz flew with Obama to Dallas days before refusing to back Trump at RNC. Coincidence?

Anyone wonder why Crooked Cruz flew with Obama to Dallas?

Cruz and Obama had an entire private flight on Air Force One to discuss plans for the RNC. Claiming that it was because of the tragedy in Dallas was a perfect cover…

Whether planned or not… it makes no difference

On a serious note: Cruz is basically campaigning for the Democrats at this point. After his recent behavior, Cruz has shown himself to be a complete sellout to the establishment monopoly.

Truth is, both parties have been controlled by the same investors for years. But that’s something you’re never going to hear on CNN.

Politico reported:

In a dramatic display of bipartisan unity after a horrific tragedy, Ted Cruz will accompany President Barack Obama aboard Air Force One to Dallas on Tuesday, the Texas senator’s office said.

Cruz and Obama have long been bitter ideological rivals, with Cruz leading the charge to try to defund Obama’s signature health care law and tank his immigration proposals — Cruz even confronted Obama personally about Obamacare in 2013. But the shooting deaths of five police officers in Dallas are bringing the president and conservative star together in the name of national togetherness.

Texas’s other senator, Majority Whip John Cornyn, will also attend the memorial event on Tuesday, but is scheduled to arrive earlier than the president and will not fly on Air Force One.

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