CryoTherapy – Woman Freezes to Death at Work

By Lestado Codicus

There is a new medical therapy that is sweeping the nation in popularity. It is called Cryotherapy. But is it really good for you?

Chelsea Ake-Salvacion froze to death in the cryo-clinic where she worked. She thought she was on the cutting edge of medicine… Maybe that edge is too sharp?

Frozen in Cryotherapy tank
24 Year Old Chelsea Ake-Salvacion
Some scientists believe that CryoTherapy can “help clients burn calories, reduce pain, strengthen immune systems and halt aging by embedding them in freezing tanks for a few minutes at a time.”

The 24 year old from Hawaii had been working for the company Rejuvenice for 3 years. According to Hailey Cap, office manager of Rejuvenice nobody should use these chambers alone because the Nitrogenous gas used to cool the air can be debilitating. But that is exactly what Chelsea did. Ms. Salvacion was found frozen the next morning by co-workers.

It is sad that someone has lost their life, but perhaps it will help improve procedures and make the process safer for everyone. It also brings attention to the dangers that are possible with these types of experimental sciences. People tend to follow others and embrace scientific advancements before they are ready for human consumption. This woman’s death should be a reminder that without extensive data, you really don’t know if these new “advances” are what they claim to be. CryoTherapy is promoted as perfectly safe and harmless. Now we all know otherwise.

But we should hope that it doesn’t dissuade doctors from continuing their research in the field. This therapy has alot of promise and there is still alot of research to be done. Don’t be afraid of the future because some people have made mistakes. We just have to learn from them and move forward. That is the only thing that will keep humanity evolving.


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