DA Colluded With Planned Parenthood

Lawyers: Jury Exceeded Its Authority In Indictment Of Man Behind Planned Parenthood Videos

David Daleiden’s attorneys have filed court documents to try to get the indictment dismissed. They also argue that the district attorney on the case colluded with Planned Parenthood.

The Associated Press: Defense: DA Colluded With Planned Parenthood On Indictment
An anti-abortion activist who made undercover videos at Planned Parenthood clinics claims a Texas district attorney colluded with the provider to obtain an indictment accusing him of falsifying records to make his secret recordings. Attorneys for David Robert Daleiden filed court documents Thursday seeking dismissal of the indictment. The Houston Chronicle reports Daleiden’s attorneys also contend that the Harris County grand jury that indicted the Davis, California, man wasn’t empaneled properly. (4/14)
Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton asks moderators why there were no abortion questions during the Democratic debate, and Ted Cruz sidesteps a question about personhood legislation —
The Hill: Clinton: Why No Abortion Questions In Dem Debates?
Hillary Clinton at Thursday’s Democratic presidential debate chastised moderators for not asking a single question about women’s reproductive rights, during a time in which she says abortion rights are under attack from Republican presidential candidates and governors. (Zanona, 4/14)
And, in Iowa Republicans go after Planned Parenthood funding, while in Missouri lawmakers are summoning a Planned Parenthood head to explain why she shouldn’t be held in contempt —
The Associated Press: Senators Summon Planned Parenthood CEO Over Subpoena
Missouri lawmakers in a rare move Thursday voted to summon the CEO of a regional Planned Parenthood to explain why she should not be held in contempt of the state Senate for defying a subpoena that demanded documents on how the organization handles fetal remains. The 24-8 party-line Senate vote follows Republican outcry over undercover videos released last summer that alleged Planned Parenthood was illegally selling fetal tissue for profit. The organization has denied the allegations in the videos, which reference its St. Louis clinic, the state’s only abortion provider, and Democratic Attorney General Chris Koster found no evidence of wrongdoing in Missouri. (4/14)



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