DOJ & Obama’s Dallas False Flag EXPOSED

4 Snipers Supposedly Shot 11 Dallas Police Officers in Retaliation for Police Shootings

Story changed and now it was allegedly 1 “Army vet” with body armor and an “assault rifle”

Dallas – Thursday 4 Snipers allegedly opened fire on a crowd; hitting 5 police and 2 civilians. They then supposedly ran around killing officers while dressed in full body armor. Now police are just blaming one man; an Army vet.

He shared police conspiracies and his dislike for police officers, a law enforcement source said.

Here is footage of the “attack”. Notice the “suspect” is not wearing body armor. The amount of powder coming out of the guns when fired indicates that they were firing blanks. This is important later so make sure you see it.

Of course the suspect “died” in a fight with police and he was an “army vet”.

This has every sign of a false flag possible.

EVERY mainstream news article about this event starts by saying its the “worst day for law enforcement since 9/11”; clearly connecting it to the biggest false flag ever.

DOJ is going full throttle in their efforts to declare Martial Law

According to a witness, a Cop was shot “point blank” by someone in full body armor with an “AR-15 at least”…  This allegedly provides evidence that the killing of 5 police officers happened yesterday. The footage shows that this witness is lying.

Surely this is not an effort to demonize body armor along with semi automatic rifles.

Of course this “killer” was running around with an “AR-15 or an AK-47” (in other words they are just blaming so called “assault rifles” again) and full body armor. Of course he was also an “Army Vet”. This satisfies every need for demonization the DOJ needs to push its agenda.

Inconsistent reports, no proof, further’s DOJ & Obama’s Agenda, video footage seems staged, lots of “eye witnesses” that don’t seem shaken and those people seem to be reading scripts and LYING.  To top it off, it all happened in a city with a mayor who called white Christians “terrorists”.

Obama really doesn’t want to leave office.

Obama is the False Flag King.
Mayor Mike Rawlings Calls White Christians Terrorists

NBC 5 reports:

Young told NBC 5 he saw an officer hiding behind a pillar and, soon after, a second person run up behind him in body armor and gear.

The man said he thought it was another police officer until the man shot the officer at point blank range.

Source: Snipers Ambush, Kill 5 Officers, Injure 7 in Dallas Following Peaceful Protest | NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

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