Dalton Davis Sentenced to 65 Years for Repeatedly Slamming Newborn’s Head on Pavement, Killing Her

Lunatic Dalton Davis Murdered 5 Month Old Girl by Slamming Head Into Pavement Repeatedly.

Maybe someone in prison will slam Dalton Davis’ head into the pavement repeatedly…


Dalton Davis, a 22-year-old Indiana man, lived with Lloyd and her unnamed mother in a rural area of Portland, Ind., about 50 miles south of Fort Wayne.

One night, following an argument with his girlfriend, Davis took the infant into his arms and walked outside, onto the sidewalk. There, in the desolate flatness of the Midwest, far from the eyes of anyone – his girlfriend included – he did the unthinkable.

Davis raised the child and slammed her down onto the concrete.

Then he did it again.

And maybe again – he can’t remember.

After being arrested, he evaded questions from police for a while before finally admitting to having committed infanticide.

Source: Man sentenced to 65 years for repeatedly slamming newborn’s head on pavement, killing her – Breaking911

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