Danger: Your Phone Could Explode

SAMSUNG has told owners of its Galaxy Note 7 to hand their phone back immediately after a car was gutted by a fire caused by the device exploding.

A Jeep went up in flames after its owner left his Note 7 charging on the dashboard.

The company is warning customers to completely stop using the mobiles as stories emerged last week of the gadgets going up in flames.

Several airlines have also banned the phone being taken on flights because of fears it poses a safety risk.


The latest report of a Note 7 blowing up saw it set fire to a car as a young girl was about to climb into the back seat.

Florida man Nathan Dornacher had his mobile plugged into his Grand Cherokee’s dashboard while he was unloading the boot.

While inside his house he sent his eight-year-old daughter to get back into the car — but when he looked out the window he saw the car was in flames.

Describing the terrifying incident, he told Fox 13: “It was very surprising to me how quick the [dashboard] caught on fire.

“Once it got the [dashboard], the airbags went and started exploding”.



Are phones really exploding?

It’s hard to know the extent of the problem based on sporadic public reports, but, yes, Galaxy Note 7 phones really do seem to be spontaneously catching on fire. Reports have come from both the United States and Asia. As of September 1, at least 35 customers had reported exploding batteries to Samsung.

I bought a Galaxy Note 7. What should I do?

The first step is to power down the phone. (To do this, hold down the power button until a power down option comes on the screen.)

Then you’ll want to return the phone to wherever you obtained it. Most likely you bought it from a wireless carrier like AT&T or Verizon. In that case, take the phone to your wireless carrier to trade it in.

At the store, you’ll have a few options. One is to get a new, non-exploding Galaxy Note 7. However, those aren’t ready yet, so if you choose this, you’ll get a loaner phone until the replacement is ready.


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