Secret Iranian Nuclear Deal Days After Obama Signs Treaty

Just days after President Obama signed a deal with Iran; Iranian General meets with Russian officials.

Social media has been buzzing ever since President Obama made a deal with Iran that would give Iran more access to nuclear materials. What will this mean for the world?

According to many people on sites like Twitter, the Iran deal that President Obama recently made was the worst mistake ever. The other side of the argument claims that Iran is no threat to the USA or Israel and simply wants to make more efficient use of nuclear energy. Both sides of the debate have made very valid points. However, weapons of mass destruction are nothing to gamble with.

Days after Obama signed this infamous deal, Iranian General Qassem Soleimani visited with Russian officials. Could they be making future arms deals? Perhaps Iran is being supplied with nuclear materials by Russia? Whatever the case may be, everyone is nervous right now. With tensions in the Middle East at an all-time high, wars could start between these fragile alliances at any moment.

According to Fox News:

            Outgoing U.S. Army Chief of Staff Gen. Ray Odierno characterized the Iranian general in an exclusive exit interview with Fox News: “Qassem Soleimani is the one who has been exporting malign activities throughout the Middle East for some time now. He’s absolutely responsible for killing many Americans, in fact I would say the last two years I was there the majority of our casualties came from his surrogates, not Sunni or Al Qaeda.” (Fox News, 2015)


First, ISIS is running amok, destabilizing the region. Now, the world is concerned about Iran’s nuclear capabilities. While Iran could be viewed as a threat to the USA, the threat of ISIS stealing nuclear materials from Iran is a MUCH bigger one. Should the world really be leaving this to chance?




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