Deadly Plane Crash In Tennessee

At least 2 dead in devastating airplane crash

She said all four victims were on the plane, and the two survivors were airlifted to Erlanger Medical Center.

Tonya Sadler, a spokeswoman for the Collegedale Police, said at least one of the victims was in critical condition and headed into surgery. Sadler said the plane was coming into the Collegedale airport when it crashed. She said she did not know if anyone else outside the plane was injured or if there was property damaged in the crash.


Small planes have been crashing for years. Soon we will be seeing more flying machines being used by the public, it is inevitable. Recently, we reported on the single person autonomous Ehang 184.

Will innovations like this lead to even more crashes? I hope not. There is also the self-driving car innovation which is being thoroughly funded. Which will we see first? And, will they be safe?

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