Dictator Obama to Bypass Congress – Gun Control

King Obama

By Lestado Codicus | December 3, 2015

Dictator Obama thinks he is King. White House is seeking to bypass Congress via Executive Action.

Despite the fact that California has the strictest gun laws in the USA, Obama is blaming gun laws for the shooting in San Bernardino. Now Obama looks to go around Congress again.

The reality is that Dictator Obama is trying to bypass Congress and implement an Australian style gun CONFISCATION to please the United Nations. Keeping with his history of dictatorship and ignoring America’s legal process, Dictator Obama signed the U.N. Small Arms Treaty without ratification from Congress. Now he is scrambling to keep his end of the agreement: total disarmament of the American People and a monopoly of power by the government.

Numbers don’t lie.

Why has there has been a 1440% increase in “mass shootings” this year? The yearly average used to be 2.5 mass shootings per year in the USA. This year alone there have 63. Is everyone losing their minds suddenly or is there more to the story?


Certainly, timing is everything.

Obama is down to his last year in office and he will stop at nothing to fulfill his agenda of disarming America. When you realize that the US Government legalized propagandized news you will see that it would be pretty easy for the Government to tell the Mainstream Media (MSM) to lie to the public. It is now law. The Government has the “right” to tell news agencies what to report on.

You may disbelieve everything I just said but just consider the statistics and do some research. I provide proof of everything I say, just click it and verify. An increase of 1440% in one year does not add up. 63 mass killings in one year is 14.4 times higher than the average (2.5). What is more likely? Either a whole bunch of people are going insane at once or that the media is lying to you?

Don’t be fooled anymore.

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