DirecTV Is Blocking/Censoring Fox News:

For the past three days, Fox News on Directv channel 360 has been unavailable with the message
“We are experiencing technical difficulties” during the morning show ‘Fox and Friends.’

Anger is building on social media that AT&T owned DirecTV may be censoring the morning news coverage towards left-leaning sources like MSNBC and NBC just days before the election.

There has been no public statement from AT&T or DirecTV and our request for comment has not immediately been returned. [CONSERVATIVEDAILYNEWS]

“What happened to Fox News. This is the only News source in my household and I’m very aggravated that it is being censored! Please provide an explanation why the only conservative news source is in ‘Technical Difficulty’. If it’s being censored I will discontinue my service,” a customer wrote on the DTV USA Forum page.

Another customer wrote: “I too find it very suspicious, and don’t know whether to blame DTV, or mischievous hackers.”

“Fox News is intentionally blacked out for the second day in a row by dishonest DirecTV employees,” another post read. “It’s no coincidence that this happens TWICE in the week before the election — when it hasn’t happened in at least a year prior, if ever. Hey DirecTV, we are not stupid (but apparently you are).”

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