DISL Automatic “Killuminati” “Eyes Wide Open”

DISL Automatic is an Artist and Activist

Known as a raptivist, DISL, creates informative and motivating music. Not the mainstream rap anyone is used to hearing, this music is unique, fresh and good for the world. Guy has some real talent.

Out of Chicago, IL

DISL Automatic’s Bio on Reverbnation:

I’m a Human Being, a Natural Person. I stand for Freedom, Liberty, and Justice for ALL! I Get Big On ‘Em, meaning that I Grow and Expand, Mentally and Spiritually. Hopefully I can help others do the same as well. Oh yeah, I’m also a dope MC!

Below are some of his Messages


Eyes Wide Open

A little about DISL’s newest album written by RevolutionHasCome.com

There are many music labels and artist who continue to put out negative and low vibrational music. Music that’s usually self-centered and provide absolutely no benefit to the people. With your own eyes and ears you can empower yourself and change that. It is in your power to put out there junk and put in your up lifting music. They may have the billions to put out there negative music, but with many artist like Disl automatic we have Realskills, talent, truth, and spirituality on our side, Along with a masses whose hungry for such quality to come. The tide will soon change. They may have all the money, but you hold all the value within. It is up to you to help release that value to the world. Either by creating real music or supporting it. Power lies within You.

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