Does The Secretary of State From The Korean War Explain Trump?

By Liberty Report Staff

Dean Acheson was President Harry Truman’s Secretary of State during the Korean War.

Truman formed the CIA and the National Security State that we currently live under.

Acheson once gave his opinion about how the arrangement works between the Deep State and the President. He said:

“If you truly had a democracy and did what the people wanted, you’d go wrong every time.”

The people in 2016 elected a President who said he was going to put “America First”. That’s what they wanted: “Make America Great Again.”

Not “Make Syria Great Again,” or “Make North Korea Great Again”.

​According to Acheson’s thinking though, that would be “wrong.”

Acheson further explained:

“One fact…is clear to anyone with experience in government: The springs of policy bubble up; they do not trickle down.”

Americans were expecting that the brash billionaire businessman would go in to ‘drain the swamp’. 

“America First” would “trickle down”….So it was hoped…

Where are Trump’s foreign policy ideas “bubbling up from?”

Ron Paul once did a program on The Deep State.

​Have you seen it?

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Christopher Kemmett

Founder of The Real Strategy and Tyranny Rising.