Drone Papers Leaked -Whistleblower Outs Obama

What has become known as the Drone Papers, has brought light to the secretive corrupt Drone Program of the United States

Whatever you do, stay off of this list: GEOLOCATION WATCHLIST

The “Geolocation Watchlist” is used to identify and kill threats to America, by use of highly advanced predator drones. People are tracked by their SIM cards in their cellphones and struck from miles away in the sky with hellfire missiles.

October 15 the Intercept published what is called the “Drone Papers” in a bombshell release of secret government documents part of the Drone program in Afghanistan, Somalia and Yemen.  This is by far not the only countries these drones are used in, but the programs identified are part of an “official” declaration of war, enacted by President Obama under the war powers.

Here is a Map listing recent Drone Kills in just Africa

African Map of Drone Kills



Not all of these drones or kills are necessarily being controlled by the U.S. military.  As part of the leaked documents claim at least two drones, “one Predator and one Reaper, flying out of Arba Minch, Ethiopia” that are controlled by military contractors.  So yes, that means an independent body, flying around the most deadly killing machines known to man, could kill you.

Jeremy Scahill of the Intercept says, “From his first days as commander in chief, the drone has been President Barack Obama’s weapon of choice”

This is by far the most accurate choice of weapon right? It can be sold that way to many who don’t know the facts, but now we do.  More than 90% of the kills on that list were not the intended targets.

Innocent Lives taken by Drones are called “Enemies Killed in Action” officially…

Here is one depiction of the success rate:

Drone Program Enemy Killed In Action Killing Citizens


The Drone Papers named after the Pentagon Papers – will be changing the future course of modern day warfare.  As seen in Vietnam, I expect there to be a swift, abrupt change to the programs named in this breaking truth.  The whistleblower is not named.  Although, who knows? Maybe this hero will come to the light.

Visit The Integrity Initiative and Learn about Other Virtuous Leaders who have Blown the Whistle on Corruption.


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Christopher Kemmett

Founder of The Real Strategy and Lowest Priced Advertisements.