Australia Rocked by Abuse Scandal in Juvenile Justice System

Dylan Voller Was Abused by Jailers and the Footage Was Leaked!

Dylan Voller
Dylan Voller was abused by his jailers for years. Now justice will be served.

No one knew the extent of how youth had been treated, abused and tortured in Northern Territory juvenile detention centres, not even their very own family members.

Kirra Voller is the sister of Dylan, a boy featured as one of the main victims of systematic and horrific abuse at the hands of staff in Don Dale juvenile detention.

Dylan is currently in an adult jail, waiting to be paroled next month. Kirra said he had been in and out of custody many times.

“He would’ve been inside the jail more than he has been outside in the past seven years,” she said.

“He wouldn’t accept a hug and when I said I love you he rolled his eyes as if saying there’s nothing you can do… I don’t think he thought I would have understood, and truth is, I wouldn’t have understood until I had seen that footage. That image is haunting, every time I see it I cry.”

Dylan’s case became the subject of a report by former NT children’s commissioner Howard Bath that was given to the NT government but never released.

In 2014, prison officers were acquitted of charges of mistreating him and their acquittals were upheld on appeal.

After CCTV footage of some of the incidents was broadcast on ABC’s Four Corners program, Dylan Voller responded with a letter, released through his lawyers, thanking the public and apologising for his crimes.


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Footage of abuse leaked can be viewed below (Warning: May be Disturbing)

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