E-cig industry threatened by FDA rule

The US government is finally regulating the e-cigarette industry. That has e-cigarette companies worried they could disappear altogether.

E-cigarettes are easily the most cyberpunk change to the American visual landscape in the last decade. Where once nicotine users roamed the night with the red specks of burning tobacco floating a few inches from their lips, trailing noxious smoke, now multicolored LEDs light their faces as they puff huge clouds of vapor like bad perfume.

But an executive at one of America’s largest independent e-cig manufacturers tells Tech Insider that could all change soon. That’s thanks to a Food and Drug Administration decisionto regulate the $3 billion industry (along with hookah, cigars, and other products) in the same way it regulates e-cigarettes.

Adam Kustin, vice-president of marketing at VMR Products, said the 499 page rule could create a regulatory and economic environment that would crush the industry. VMR products makes V2 vaporizers, the most popular online brand in the US, and one of the biggest not owned by a tobacco company.

Source: E-cig industry threatened by FDA rule – Tech Insider

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