Blaming Russia For DNCLeak – Establishment in Panic

Twitter plays damage control; blaming Russia for DNCLeak

This might have been the deathblow to an already weak party. Sorry Establishment.

It really doesn’t matter WHO is releasing the emails does it? What matters is what’s inside them. So stop blaming Russia. That’s not gonna work anymore.

The fact that the entire establishment has gotten behind the DNC over this shows who they really want to win the Presidency.

To me that is just more of a reason I support Trump. With enemies like he has, he can’t be bad. Evil doesn’t usually hate evil.

Never in history has an American election been so polarized. This year the American people will be choosing between Good and Evil. Criminality vs Justice. Lies and Deceit vs Honest and Integrity.

Pick your side well. This election is one for the history books.


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