How The EU is Using English To Ban English…Really

English will not be an official EU language after Brexit, says senior MEP

No other EU country has English as their official language and so it could lose its status, says .

Well, officially English will be gone…right? Not exactly. The original EU legislation that rules the official languages of the EU was written in French. This version suggests differently.

…An EU source explained that the regulations governing official languages are themselves subject to more than one translation. The 1958 regulation regarding the official languages of the EU, which was originally written in French, does not say clearly whether a member country – Ireland or Malta for instance — can have more than one official language, an EU source said.

Interpretations of the French wording tend to conclude that this might be possible, whereas the English version appears to rule this out.

AND SO…there you have it! English is actually being used to ban English.

This will permanently ban English as an official EU language unless an EU member changes their language or another country joins the EU declaring English as an official language.


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