Exclusive Video: Cop Beats and Smothers Handcuffed Man #JusticeForVonte

The Real Strategy put these clips together into a video to help add exposure to this atrocity. JusticeForVonte was the hashtag but it turns out his name isn’t Vonte…

Shortly after we posted this video and article, The Washington Post did a piece on this. Of course, they started it off by demonizing the victim and making him out to be the bad guy. Typical of the MSM…

Thanks to Talib Kweli’s help, we now know that the victim being brutalized in the video is Giovanti Moschino Young, aged 21. Police have charged him with Assaulting several Police Officers and Escape. According to the Washington Post, it seems to mean that it’s okay to punch and choke him while he was handcuffed and pinned. Supposedly, Internal Affairs is investigating… We know what that means (nothing). Below is a 3rd party report on the video clips and what is contained within them.

Article Written By:
Cassandra Fairbanks
Oct 18, 2015
In a shocking video uploaded to Twitter on Saturday evening, a handcuffed black man is seen being viciously assaulted by a Prince George’s County officer in Hyattsville, Maryland.

The video was tweeted in four parts around 6:15 p.m, by Twitter user @yungthugrat, who asked to be identified by his first name, Prince.

As the car rolls up and Prince begins filming, the man is seen lying on the ground as the officer straddles him and and punches him in the face, while he is handcuffed.  A woman in the vehicle with Prince notes that the man is bleeding.

In the next segment, the young man is flipped over on his back as the officer continues to straddle him and begins forcibly pushing his face to the ground.  The man’s face and the officer’s arms go out of frame as you can see a struggle taking place.

In the third portion, Prince and the other witness again note that the man is handcuffed and that they can hear sirens on their way.

“Oh my god, he can’t breathe! You can hear wheezing,” the woman in the car states in a shocked tone, as she rolls down the window.

“Relax, you hear those sirens? When they come, you’ll be fine,” the officer is heard telling the man.

We spoke to Prince, who informed us that he began recording as soon as he pulled up, but stopped when they had to drive off. We asked him if it seemed to him like the man was resisting or posing any threat to the officer, he stated:

“He was definitely shaking but I think it was because he couldn’t breathe and was in obvious pain.”

Prince informed us that as they drove off, five or six more police officers came rushing into the scene.

We asked him if he normally films police encounters, and he told Addicting Info:

“I’ve never really seen anything like this first hand. But I guess I’ve seen so much of this stuff online that my first instinct was to record it.”

Thanks to Prince, there is less room for the situation to become this man’s word against the officer’s.  It is crucial that people continue to film the police, as you never know when the situation might suddenly escalate, or whose life you might save.

Prince noted that the officer definitely saw that he was being filmed and that the blows continued.

Addicting Info reached out to Prince George’s County Police and their media spokesperson informed us that they are aware of the video and the incident, but would not provide any details.  The spokesperson confirmed that they were preparing a statement, but would not provide a time frame for when they would be releasing it.

We will be following up with more information as it becomes available.

Another Crooked Cop Brutalizes a Handcuffed Man

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