Experts Say Military Drones Flying In Swarming Packs Threaten Humanity

Killer robots are ‘quickly moving toward reality’
…and humanity only has a YEAR to ban them, expert warns.

1. Robots do the fighting would keep soldiers and officers out of harm’s way.

2. But experts say the threats to humanity would outweigh any benefits.

3. Risk of harm or erroneous targeting of civilians would increase.

4. Should start process on lethal ‘autonomous’ weapons systems in 2017.


These AUTONOMOUS Killer Robots Will Start Out As Border Patrol?

Imagine Looking Up And Seeing This

Researchers explain that machines would make life-and-death determinations outside of human control.
The risk of disproportionate harm or erroneous targeting of civilians would increase, and no person could be held responsible.
Robots also lack real emotions, specifically compassion, which is how a lot of decisions are carried out.
Humans can apply their judgment, based on past experience and moral considerations, and make case-by-case determinations about proportionality.
It would be almost impossible, however, to replicate that judgment in fully autonomous weapons, and they could not be preprogrammed to handle all scenarios.
Allowing technology to outpace diplomacy would produce dire and unparalleled humanitarian consequences.

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