Facebook – A Globalist Tool for Control

Facebook Bad!

By Lestado Codicus

Sept 29, 2015


Recently, Mark Zuckerberg was caught admitting Facebook controls what you see on their site.

Zuckerberg didn’t know the mic was still on and was recorded saying that he would censor all posts on Facebook that made the German Government look bad in regards to migration.

This is America! People like Zuckerberg need to quit manipulating the population and then hiding it when confronted. Facebook has been controlling the content that its users see for years. Not only do they censor and remove a post completely if they don’t agree with it, they also specifically control who their servers deliver content to.
You ever wonder why some of your posts don’t seem to get any attention? It’s because none of your friends are even SEEING THEM! Before I quit using Facebook several years ago, I did an experiment to prove that this was happening. I will post the video to our YouTube Channel shortly. I’m not alone. Here is a list of other sites and articles about this very topic.

CNN- Facebook Censorship
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Facebook caught censoring anti-GMO posts.

Mark Zuckerberg may have a very BIG mouth, but he has a very SMALL level of respect for our personal liberties.

Stop using Facebook and their controlling social manipulation! Facebook isolates everyone into groups that are allowed to interact with each other because they already share similar views. If you do not share similar views with another person, your posts will not show up in their feed and theirs will never show in yours. You will never wake up if you never see reality. All you see on Facebook is the reality Zuckerberg wants you to.

It’s the perfect illusion to present to users. When you only see your own beliefs on your feed you begin to believe that everyone agrees with you. This develops xenophobia and a HUGE bias when it comes to “outside” beliefs. Actually, it’s just a sneaky form of online brainwashing made just to control YOU. Aren’t you tired of it?

Here’s the entire footage:

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