Facebook – Class Action Lawsuit over Privacy Violations


By Lestado Codicus | November 23, 2015

Facebook is being sued by thousands of people because the site doesn’t respect people’s privacy.

Within the next two months, the Supreme Court of Austria is set to decide if a class action against Facebook is called for.

Austrian law student Max Schrems launched the case against Facebook over the way it handles personal information in July 2014. There are already over 25,000 signatures from people who wish to sue Facebook.

Zuckerberg and his cronies have been violating everyone’s privacy for years and have never been held accountable. Facebook has worked with countless governments to both censor and gather information for intelligence agencies.

“It would not make a lot of sense for the court or the parties before it to file these claims as thousands of individual lawsuits – which we can still do if a ‘class action’ is not allowed,” Schrems said in a statement.

“We therefore think that the ‘class action’ is not only legal but also the only reasonable way to deal with thousands of identical privacy violations by Facebook,” he added.


Of course, Facebook is denying any violation of its users’ privacy and is trying to prevent the lawsuit from turning into a class-action.

“Facebook continues to spam the court with countless wrong and already dismissed accusations to avoid even facing the court on the content of the lawsuit. I doubt that this strategy will work at the Supreme Court,” Schrems said about the social media giant.

Maybe this will finally stop the enabling of mass spying and censorship by Zuckerberg; but probably not. Even if they have to pay a large amount of money out it will not stop them. Facebook is a control mechanism. It was created to profile everyone and use that information to manipulate social trends. Establishment “elites” had to use Zuckerberg because the establishment is losing its grip on society. People are not relying on “Mainstream” Media anymore for their information.

Because everyone is getting real facts from the internet and social media, the Global Establishment had to find a way to regulate it. This lawsuit won’t stop Facebook but it might wake more people up to the role in spying and manipulation that Zuckerberg plays.




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