FBI And DHS Warn Of Thanksgiving Terrorist Plot

Sources tell CBS News the FBI is alerting police across the country about a potential terrorist attack around Thanksgiving.

It specifically warns of homegrown terrorists. Potential targets? Shopping malls, special events, crowded venues–locations in Washington, D.C. and Virginia described as target-rich zones. ISIS’s magazine called New York City’s Macy’s Parade an excellent target. [CBSBOSTON]

The FBI later issued a statement to local broadcaster FOX25 in Boston. “While there is no specific threat information about possible attacks in our area as we approach the Thanksgiving holiday, law enforcement and members of the public must remain guarded,” the statement read.  [EPOCHTIMES]

Terrorism experts say the election of Donald Trump may have encouraged ISIS, which could believe he could be easier to provoke than President Barack Obama.

While ISIS hasn’t put out any official propaganda centered on Trump’s election, it did denounce both him and Hillary Clinton in a recent article on the U.S. election. Meanwhile, ISIS supporters and allied jihadist groups have discussed the advantages of a Trump presidency online, said Alex Kassirer, a senior counterterrorism analyst at NBC analysts Flashpoint Security, a worldwide security firm.

The new ISIS article offers a guide to inflicting maximum casualties using trucks, accompanied by a picture of the Macy’s parade with a caption identifying it as an especially rich target for terrorists. [NBCNEWS]

The FBI also warned of any indicators of lone-wolf activity, such as isolation from family and friends, lifestyle changes, increased use of encrypted forms of communication, among others.

Department of Homeland Security also issued a warning Tuesday in response to the threat of terrorism at the Macy’s parade.

“Though we know of no intelligence that is both specific and credible at this time of a plot by terrorist organizations to attack the homeland, the reality is terrorist-inspired individuals have conducted, or attempted to conduct, attacks in the United States,” a bulletin posted online at the Department of Homeland Security said.


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