Find Who Has Your Information & Force Them To Remove Your Data is an Amazing tool for Everyone Alive in the Information Revolution

We are witnessing an evolution in communications worldwide. Your data is being transferred to third parties every single day. This is not the “Digital Revolution”. This is the Information Revolution. There is an overflow of information available to whomever can attempt to sort through it. This is why there are so many whistle blowers, data breeches and truth seekers online today. Everything you want to know is out there. The largest corporations on Earth operate data mining facilities that’s sole purpose is to breach private data and create more extensive profiles on you and your family.

Protect Your Data and Privacy

This is the most important adaption humans have to make in this century. Adapting to the availability of so much information will take time. Learning how to access and use the thousands of tools and resources out there will be part of that process.


who has my information online is part of that process. MyLife is one of the thousands of companies tracking everyone’s data online. The difference between MyLife and the NSA, for example, is MyLife only exists to track your data and then hand it over to you! MyLife offers many of its tools for free! I use MyLife to receive emails periodically that inform me if someone is searching for me online, if someone adds my public information to their database, etc…

MyLife monitors the web 24/7 for information that threatens your public image, privacy and identity and we’ll alert you whenever new information is found –including photographs, comments, exposed information, even information stolen in a data breach (hack).

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It is free and easy to use. MyLife also offers more tools and resources for a small fee. Things like automated removal of your information from databases worldwide, are part of the paid service. If you go with the free tools, you will have to contact these companies on your own if you want your information removed. But first, you need to know who has your data! You can decide what to do about it after you search MyLife’s comprehensive database. Share this article and start taking control over your data. Click this link and take ownership of your private information exposed online.

Learn how to Surf the Web, Make Phone Calls and Message Privately and Anonymously.

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Christopher Kemmett

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