How To Find Real News From Independent Publishers

What are the best news sites free from censorship?

“We’ve put together a comprehensive list of websites that do a much better job of bringing you the real news more so than the traditional media giants. (FOX/CNN/CBS etc.) These sites generally focus on political issues, media bias & corruption, and of course news in general.” >> Full List of Top News Sites Free Of Censorship Put Together A List Of Alternative News Websites

“We’ve put together an A-Z list of the best alternative news sites to visit on the web for the latest news stories, current events, videos, updates, and multimedia relating to indie media.”

To view this list click here: Complete list of alternative news media

Alternative news is highly unaffected by big money politics like the NYT or WashPost. Wikileaks recently released a list of journalists that were being paid by the Hillary Clinton campaign to publish articles on their behalf. This is just one example of why you need to research lists like the one above for truly independent websites that can be trusted.

Here are a few more helpful lists that can be used to find more precise types of news you may be interested in.

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