Find Out if Twitter’s Shadow Banning You in 5 Easy Steps

This is how you find out if Twitter is shadow banning your account.

If enough people raise hell about this Twitter will have to stop.

Ever wonder why nobody seems to see your posts ever since you started speaking out against corruption? Twitter is shadow banning people that they don’t want influencing others. This is how to find out if they are doing that to you.

1. Log into

Click in the search bar in the top right corner of the screen.

shadow banning

2. Search for Yourself

Type in your user name and hit enter.

search logged in Twitter is shadow banning

Go to the “Live” tab. Click on it.

There will be results there because you are logged in.

Live Tab Logged In shadow banning

3. Log Out of Twitter.

Now log out. Then go to any Twitter profile you want. Donald Trump is an example. (link goes to his profile)

Log out shadow banning

4. Run Another Search for Yourself

Now do the search for your user name again. Go to the Live tab and see the real results.

Search Logged Out

5. Check the Live Tab Again and Find Out if Twitter is Shadow Banning You

If there are no results you are being shadow banned by Twitter.

Results Logged Out

Don’t believe it? Run a search for some of your friends’ user names.

Always remember to SHARE important information! We can change the world.

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