Mysterious Fire In IRS Headquarters After Panama Papers Leak

‘Panama Papers Leak’ Has Government and Banks Running Scared.

Since the Panama Papers leak there have been several casualties in the political and private sectors. However, this story points to a darker story.

The IRS Headquarter basement, most likely where several years of records are held, went up in flames less than 24 hours after the Panama Papers became public news.

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IRS Cover Up? Possible Indemnification?

According to AP, Sourced From

WASHINGTON (AP) — IRS headquarters in Washington will remain closed for the rest of the week while repairs are made after a basement fire in the building.

The agency said in a news release Tuesday that Monday afternoon’s fire affected the air handling system. No one was hurt in the fire.

The IRS says telework-ready employees are expected to telework from their approved location.

Officials say tax returns are not processed at headquarters; taxpayers should continue to file their returns.

Mysterious Fire in IRS Headquarters 24 Hours After Panama Papers Leak…

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Christopher Kemmett

Founder of The Real Strategy and Tyranny Rising.