Florida Ordinance Bans Homeless From Using Blankets

Homeless are not allowed to have blankets in Florida?

This is not a new story. However, now that it is getting colder across America it’s more important to spread this. This ordinance MUST be lifted! How inhumane can we get as a society? Who is so cold hearted they would ban homeless people from using blankets?

via Counter Current News:

Florida may not get as cold as many other parts of the United States, but for those who are homeless and living on the streets, this can still be a pretty miserable time of year.

That’s why so many charity groups, and even private citizens, often give out blankets and new socks to homeless people they see on the streets of big cities like Miami. But a recent ban of doing just that threatens to punish people for their kindness.

The ban came as one of a series of ordinances prohibiting using public restrooms for washing your face, as well as panhandling, and “camping”. This last prohibition essentially banned homeless people from protecting themselves from the elements.

The series of bans also made it effectively illegal to be homeless.

That is, under this new ban, homeless people are no longer allowed to cover themselves whatsoever. Even given homeless people blankets is forbidden.

Public outcry against these ordinances was great, but they were passed nevertheless.

Austin Petersen writes that upon starting a petition against these ordinances, “within a day we had nearly 1,000 signatures opposing the ordinance.”

Full Story: Florida Ordinance Bans Homeless People From Using Blankets – Counter Current News

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