Florida Rappers Kill Man For $300 To Flash In Music Video

Florida Rappers Robbed and Killed Drug Dealer for ‘Flash Cash,’ Police Say

The $300 taken from Tyler Macklin before he was shot to death was shown off on stage at a Tampa nightclub one night later, police said.

Three wannabe rappers allegedly murdered a man for $300 so they could flash it at a performance inside a Tampa nightclub, police say.rappers kill man to flash cash 300 dollars

One of the accused even showed off the loot in a Facebook video of the concert, “My Performance Was Litt.”

Joseph Edward Brandon (aka Waxx), Jonathan Felix (aka Killa), and Dylan Kindred (aka DK) of Winter Haven, Florida, were arrested Saturday during an investigation into the murder of Tyler Macklin. The trio allegedly needed the money to use on stage at a rap show at Club Skye, because the three men wanted to appear richer than they really were.

Here is that “amazing” video that was worth a mans life.


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