Over 33% of Americans Are FAT – Here’s Why

By Ellen Clover, CHt
October 12, 2015

How are food commercials making us fat? Isn’t it our choice when we buy something? Keep reading to find out…

“Let advertisers spend the same amount of money improving their product that they spend on advertising and they wouldn’t have to advertise it.”
-Will Rogers (1879-1935)

It was dinner time…

I was really starting to feel the growling in the pit of my stomach, that tell-tale gnawing that lets me know it’s time to consider a nutritious bite. The television murmured in the background as I searched the cupboards and the refrigerator, but nothing seemed to tickle my fancy. I felt drawn to the TV room and sat down, entranced by the colorful pictures, the captivating music, the flashing smiles, the descriptive words and dramatic gestures of the seemingly happy actors. The food commercials came on one after another- pizza, hamburgers, subs and chicken.

Do you really want that burger?

As I watched these annoying commercials, my cravings spun from one sumptuous junk food to another, a real roller coaster in my brain. I soon realized that they weren’t MY cravings at all. They were cravings generated by the hypnotic suggestions my completely open subconscious mind was absorbing. The TV had me in an hypnotic trance and I was willing to do it’s bidding, whatever that might be. Buy a car, eat unhealthy food, watch Survivor, take medications I don’t need, and even go to my doctor and ask for them.

I tried muting the commercials and realized that it did help, but not enough. As long as I could see the screen, I was still being persuaded. I left the room, but the cravings persisted. It was too late. I went to the phone and ordered a thick-crust pizza with all the toppings, and had them throw in some chicken wings for good measure. Keep in mind that I am the ONLY one at home at the time. Can you imagine me eating all of this junk food by myself?

We are all hypnotized everyday, and we don’t even realize it. Subliminal messages are filling our minds and tantalizing our taste buds! Everybody is packing on the pounds, and they have no idea why. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the prevalence of obesity has more than doubled among children ages 2 to 5 (5.0% to 12.4%) and ages 6 to 11 (6.5% to 17.0%). In teens ages 12 to 19, prevalence rates have tripled (5.0% to 17.6%). Obesity in childhood places your children at risk for becoming obese as adults and for other things like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and some forms of cancer. According to MythBusters, marketing targeted at children and teenagers is a public health crisis.  Let’s all do what we can to put laws into place that will change advertising. Meanwhile, if we start to pay attention and think about it, we can counteract those messages with productive and healthy suggestions in the form of positive affirmations. Prepare good and healthy foods for our children. We must be in control of our own lives and our children’s. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with an occasional pizza, but let’s order it because we really want it, not because we are being brainwashed into submission. Let’s stop letting food commercials make us fat.


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