George Soros Is At It Again… 36 Protests in 18 States Planned for #Trump’s #Inauguration

George Soros was already caught funding anti-Trump protests while the government was still tallying the votes of the 2016 election. Is he behind these protests as well?

It would seem that the globalists will stop at nothing to prevent Trump from taking office. Perhaps they are afraid of going to prison like the deserve?

Along with these protests being staged in 18 states, we also have a situation evolving with Russia. Obama has moved US Troops to the Russian border just days before the inauguration takes place. With riots happening and war breaking out at the same time, Obama will finally have his excuse to declare a state of emergency and remain in office indefinitely. If that happens there will be a third problem for everyone… The inevitable revolution that will boil over.


“Shut It Down!” At Least 36 Protests Scheduled Across America for #Trump’s #Inauguration as #MainstreamMedia Hypes “Anti-Inauguration”
Washington CAN! is a far left group leading the protests against Donald Trump in Seattle.

The far left group is paying protesters to attend their rally.
Here is one of their ads on Craigslist.


And here is one of their tweets promoting mob action at Seattle City Hall.

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