Georgia GIVES Trump's Delegate Slots to CRUZ

Georgia RNC Steals Delegates that Trump already won and gives them to Cruz

Donald Trump supporters walked out in protest after delegate convention elected Cruz loyalists – for slots that Trump won!

At the district delegate convention in Buford, Georgia Saturday, Cruz and Rubio loyalists formed an alliance to overpower Trump supporters and blocked them from being elected as delegates.   

Trump supporter and delegate Ronnie Kurtz related to Breitbart News that the hall was stacked with Cruz delegates.   According to the primary results, Trump was to receive two delegates and one was for Rubio.  However, Trump was given NONE.  Cruz supporters did not challenge the Rubio delegate at all, but when it came time to vote on the Trump delegates, they were blocked.

Kurtz said the Cruz supporters argued in favor of their alternative delegate, on the premise that he had “been in the party from the beginning and wouldn’t embarrass us at the national convention.”

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