Germany Forcing 10 Days Of Food Stockpiles On Citizens

Germany Getting Ready For War

The German government is considering telling the public to stockpile food and water in case of disasters or an armed attack, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung newspaper reported in German on Sunday.

The newspaper cited the text of a “civil defense concept” that the German cabinet will consider this Wednesday. This would be Germany’s first civil defense concept since the Cold War and was commissioned in 2012.

The plan would require the German public to hold food supplies to last up to 10 days and 10 liters of drinking water per person, to last for five days. Plus, the public would be told to hold a fallback supply of energy and cash.

The 69-page report also discussed the need for civilian support of the armed forces, a reliable alarm system, the reinforcement of buildings and sufficient capacity in the health system.


Why The Stockpiles?

The mood in Germany has been unsettled recently following a number of horrific incidents. In the latest violence, on July 24, a Syrian suicide bomber injured 15 people at a music festival in the central German town of Ansbach. The same day, a Syrian refugee killed a woman and injured two others with a machete in Reutlingen. Just days previous, an ISIS-inspired attacker was shot dead after stabbing several people on a train in the south of the country.

The huge influx of refugees — Germany accepted more than a million last year — has sparked fears among many Germans that terrorists have entered the country under the guise of seeking asylum.

Further details about Germany’s civil-defense strategy will be released on Wednesday, DW says, adding that its release comes amid “a raft of new security measures in the country.”



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