Germany Just Deployed Troops Into Syria

TEHRAN (FNA)- Germany started deploying troops to the Northern part of Syria on Tuesday to help the Kurdish fighters in the battle against ISIL in Aleppo province, media reports said.
“The German troops have been deployed near the besieged town of Manbij,” the Arabic-language service of the Russia’s Sputnik news agency reported today.

It is for several days now that the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) comprising mainly of Kurdish forces have laid siege on Manbij town.

The SDF fighters struck the ISIL strongholds in Northern side of the town of Manbij and pushed the Takfiri terrorists back from the village of Hatabat and its surrounding farms on Tuesday.

The ISIL left behind at least eight members dead and several more wounded and fled the battlefront under the heavy fire of the SDF fighters.

Military sources also announced that the SDF fighters have engaged in an intense battle with the ISIL from several directions, including the village of Qanat al-Qarreh South of Manbij, to approach the town’s entrances.

Earlier reports said on Tuesday that the SDF, comprising mainly of Kurdish fighters, won more clashes against the ISIL near the strategic town of Manbij in Northeastern Aleppo and captured more territories in the region.

The SDF fighters pushed the ISIL back from the villages of Sahneh al-Kabireh, Saeediyeh, Saqireh and Um al-Satah near Mabij, which not only ended in the killing or wounding of tens of the militants but destroyed their military equipment in large scale.



Tens of German special forces troops entered the Syrian territory on Tuesday joining French and US troops that are participating in a military operation near the northern Syrian city of Manbij, Arab media reported.

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – The Al Mayadeen pan-Arabic TV channel noted it was the first announcement of the German forces’ presence in Syria.
German servicemen are supporting their Western allies’ forces stationed near the Tishrin hydropower plant, the channel said, citing its sources.

In late May, the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic forces announced an offensive against the Islamic State group. One of the goals of the operation supported by the US-led coalition is to liberate the city of Manbij.

The US-Russian brokered truce entered into force across Syria on February 27. Such terrorist groups as Daesh and al-Nusra Front, both outlawed in Russia, are excluded from the ceasefire.


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