Busted! Girl Identifies As Indian Chief Demanding Money…Fake

A girl from Orange County, California supposedly filed a lawsuit demanding payments and tribal benefits from the BIA. There has been no other cases like this in history. This girl is supposed to be 11 years old but identifies as a middle-aged “Indian Chief”…lol.

Although this is pretty funny, the story was not real. I am sure real stories like the fake one screen captured below will be popping up sooner rather than later. I expect the first lawsuits to come from racial identification for college scholarships, or something like that.

girl identifies as indian chief demands payment from government

People on twitter and facebook have been sharing this article since it published on the 22nd of May.


The picture was actually from an online store that sells Indian headdresses

fake indian chief girl sueing for money identifies

The Hoax Story Originated On POLSONLIVE

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