GMO Companies Pushing To Avoid FOIA In 2017

Big Agriculture Pushing Bill To Exempt Themselves From FOIA

Beef, egg, and milk producers behind campaigns like “Got Milk” want to be exempt from FOIA requests.

A number of prominent agricultural commodity groups have successfully pushed for language to be included in the pending 2017 House Agricultural Appropriations Bill that “urges” the U.S. Department of Agriculture to exempt their respective promotional groups from Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, which make otherwise-private government records available to the media and other organizations.


The Response From Congressional Committee

Research and Promotion Programs.

—The Committee notes that the commodity Research and Promotion boards that the agency oversees are not agencies of the federal government, nor are Research and Promotion programs funded with federal funds. The funding used to operate and carry out the activities of the various Research and Promotion programs is provided by producers and industry stakeholders, and employees of the boards are not federal employees. Therefore, the Committee urges USDA to recognize that such boards are not subject to the provisions of 5 U.S.C. Section 552.

TITLE 5 of the United States Code is the Freedom of Information Act!

These multinational corporations want to create genetically modified foods and keep all the formulas private.

If this bill passes, not only will the food ingredients be manipulated scientific experiments, but they will be secret.

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