The Guardian Race Baiting – “Trump is Xenophobic”

“The Guardian” Blaming Trump for Racism in America

“Mainstream” trash like The Guardian is the cause of racism’s rise in the world; not Donald Trump.

3000Race baiting articles like the one quoted below are the real problem. Donald Trump is just a result of years of Globalist oppression. People are sick of being lied to and enslaved! Donald Trump is nothing more than a representation of the state of the world.

While Trump may not be perfect, he is definitely the best chance America has at becoming a free and prosperous nation again. Contrary to what The Guardian would have you believe, Xenophobia and racism have nothing to do with common sense solutions to big problems.

I cringe when I see these manipulative people try to pull everyone’s heartstrings by using children… This is what we are supposed to consider “news”?

The Guardian “reports”:

Tracey Iglehart, a teacher at Rosa Parks elementary school in Berkeley, California, did not expect Donald Trump to show up on the playground.

This was, after all, a school named after a civil rights hero in a progressive California enclave, with a melting pot of white, African American, Latino and Muslim students.

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