Hacked “DNCLeaks” Emails Show Disgusting Disregard of Hispanic Voters

DNC Just Using Hispanics to get a Vote

Wikileaks’ DNCLeaks Continue to Bury the Democratic Party

From Truthfeed:

The Wikileaks “DNCLeaks” (or “Hillary Leaks”) series has uncovered some rather unflattering, scathing, and career ending dirt on Democrat scumbuckets.

In an email regarding Hispanic voters and their “enthusiasm” level given Obama’s “immigration raids,” the emailer callously describes the raids and the effects they will have on “voting,” and how to best spin it, and where to place blame in order to basically keep the Hispanics “in line.”

Twitter on Blast for Censoring DNCLeaks #DNCLeak


To further substantiate the glib Hispanic narrative, the email below refers to Hispanic-based issues as “propaganda.”


This notion that the Democrats “deeply care” about Hispanic issues has been abolished, however, not so much by hacked emails, as these simply bolster what we already know which is, legal Hispanics families, workers, and students have been devastated by the consequences of illegal immigration and globalization.

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What these emails confirm, however, is the callous and calculating nature in which these Democrat operatives treat the needs of Hispanics.

Donald Trump’s America First agenda, where the needs of ALL AMERICANS come before the needs of foreign interests, is a natural fit for Hispanic Americans, who are generally very hardworking, family-oriented people.

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Source: Hacked Democrat Emails Show Disgusting Disregard of Hispanic Voters – TruthFeed

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