Hacked Emails Prove BLM Leaders Planning “State of Emergency” to Keep Obama in Office

Elites Roll Out Plan B to Stop Trump & Keep Obama in Power INDEFINITELY

Black Lives Matter working with Lorretta Lynch to cause “state of emergency” A.K.A. Martial Law

Elites are going to use Black Lives Matter leaders to cause martial law at the fast approaching Presidential conventions. Hacked emails prove that DeRay Mckesson and Loretta Lynch are connected. They are planning to use Black Lives Matter protesters to riot over Donald Trump’s imaginary “racism”; causing a state of emergency to be declared and allowing Obama to stay in office indefinitely. You must share this and expose the BLM movement for what it is. A Racial Division and Social Engineering Project.


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Christmas, my birthday and my wedding anniversary arrived on the same day. Information is pouring in about the abject and heinous criminality of Hillary Clinton faster than it can be fully reported.

For 15 months, I have known that the Clinton Foundation had participatory ties to state sponsored terrorism, alliances with known enemies of the United States and it breaks every campaign finance law on the books.

The Clinton Foundation and Uranium One

Last year, I was alerted by an anonymous deep cover source that the New York Times was about to publish an article which implicated the Clinton Foundation for selling uranium to the Russian government in exchange for (1) a direct cash payment made by the Russian government to the Clinton Foundation in exchange for the raw nuclear material; and, (2) a direct payment to Bill Clinton for a speeches made in Moscow.

Always remember to SHARE important information! We can change the world.

Hillary Clinton Bows to the Trump Challenge

Hillary Clinton is coming under fire for a tweet last year in which she claimed Muslims have “nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism.” Considering the official narrative for 9/11 this is statement supportive of extreme Muslim terrorism on its face.

However, in light of the Trump challenge to acknowledge extreme Muslim terrorism by Donald Trump following the Orlando massacre, Clinton has been forced to acknowledge the threat of “radical Islamism.”

“I have clearly said we have terrorist enemies who use Islam to justify slaughtering innocent people,” Clinton said on NBC’s “Today” show this past Monday. The reason for the previous Clinton denial of terrorism being connected to radical applications of Islam will be clear in the next several paragraphs.

Stunning Revelation by Former DHS Security Agent

Retired Department of Homeland Security (DHS) security agent, Philip Haney, is reporting that the mosque that Omar Mateen attended several times every week is the exact  same mosque protected by Hillary Clinton’s State Department Muslim protection policy after the Islamic terrorist attack in San Bernardino, California which was carried out by Syed Farook.

Haney previously made the case that the mosque was an object of deep concern regarding radical terrorism. However, Haney’s work drew drew concern and criticism from Clinton’s State Department and the DHS’s Civil Rights and Liberties Office because “they believed it unfairly singled out Muslims”. Subsequently, Haney’s report was heavily edited and tossed onto the scrap heap of history. No action was taken to shut down the mosque as it should have been.

From Political Insider:

“As a member of one of the National Targeting Center’s advanced units, Haney helped develop a case in 2011 on a worldwide Islamic movement known as Tablighi Jamaat, as he recounts in his new book “See Something, Say Nothing: A Homeland Security Officer Exposes the Government’s Submission to Jihad.” Within a few months, the case drew the “concern” of the State Department and the DHS’s Civil Rights and Civil Liberties Office because the Obama administration believed it unfairly singled out Muslims. The intelligence, however, had been used to connect members of the movement to several terrorist organizations and financing at the highest levels, including for Hamas and al-Qaida.”

It is widely known that Mateen was the target of three separate FBI investigations. What has been learned and just released from Political Insider reveals the reason for the third investigation. Mateen was investigated for a thrid time because of his association with a fellow member of the Fort Pierce Mosque, a “22-year-old Moner Mohammad Abusalha, blew himself up in an attack in Syria in 2014 with an explosives-laden truck. The association of the Fort Pierce mosque to terrorism was no undeniable. Then why did the third investigation suddenly end with no action taken?

WND wrote that “Haney reports that Obama’s FBI had Mateen on their radar at least twice, but both times the investigation was shut down. This means Hillary Clinton’s State Department is directly responsible for not flagging Mateen and getting Islamic terrorists off the streets. This is outrageous, and it should disqualify Hillary Clinton from being President of the Untied States”.

The failure of the FBI to act up on Mateen can only be explained by the Clinton policy put into place to block all investigations in radical Muslim terrorism which Haney witnessed in person.

More evidencewhich comes from Fox, which supports the fact that enough evidence is known that Mateen’s ex-wife knew of his Orlando plans  and she may have have even transported him to the site of the massacre. With the NSA and the Patriot Acts in tow, how did the FBI now know what Mateen was up to? They had to have known. It was very likely that both AG Loretta Lynch and the Clinton policy at the State Department of not investigating Muslims became the roadblocks to any investigation.

Martial Law Is Locked and Cocked

Always remember to SHARE important information! We can change the world.

Always remember to SHARE important information! We can change the world.

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